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A. A. Politiv (1999) Ltd. has several distributors in Israel and around the world.

A. A. Politiv (1999) Ltd. keeps up with the technological innovations in the world.
Since 1997, Politiv has been certified and authorized to operate according to International Standard ISO-9001:2000. The company has since invested heavily on quality assurance and process control. As part of this effort Politiv has set up one of the most sophisticated laboratories in the world for the testing of the sheets during the production process.
The lab is operated by a team of skilled employees, who have been trained specifically in the field of quality assurance. The team maintains ongoing relationships with external labs from abroad updating its techniques and exchanging of information.
Its meticulous and uncompromising approach towards the quality of its product, has established. Politiv’s products to a high level of quality, making them suitable to meet the needs of the Israeli farmer, and those of farmers in other countries around the world.


Amir Marketing and Investments in Agriculture Ltd.

"Amir Marketing and Investments" is a subsidiary of "Amir Supply", which is owned by the Farmer`s Association. The company was founded in 1942, and is currently Israel`s leading company in the field of marketing and supplying of agricultural products to private farmers.


Hagarin Ltd.

Hagarrin markets irrigation products, nursery accessories, gardening equipment and machinery, pest control products, and of course, a variety of Politiv products.


G. Haun Marketing and Supply Ltd.

G. Haun started out as a small shop for agricultural and gardening products, and today, it employs 12 workers, owns a logistics warehouse, distribution trucks, field agents and thousands of satisfied customers. G. Haun is considered as the leading importer and exporter of products for professional gardeners as well as private individuals. Their wide range of products include garden furniture and tools, computerized irrigation systems, pipeline and plumbing accessories, work clothes and shoes and many more.



Poly-Ag is a subsidiary of A. A. Politiv (1999) Ltd. The company specializes in the marketing and distribution of Politiv products abroad, especially in the United States, Mexico and South America.


Hamashbir Agriculture

Hamashbir Agriculture is one of the leading companies in Israel catering to the agricultural sector. The company distributes a wide and comprehensive range of agricultural products, including fertilizers, pest control solutions and a variety of A. A. Politiv products.